• Audiovisual

    Dpointgroup specializes in professional services for technical production of events, conferences, trade-shows, exhibitions, sports, and all disciplines where skilled personnel are required. As well as equipment hire especially designed for temporary or permanent installations. We sale and rent Inflatable Cinema Screens, Projection Screens, Inflatable lighting ballons and much more.

    • Film Projection Services : Our team creates visual projections directly onto screens or other medium creating real time visuals synchronized with music. We mix video in real time, creating a session adapted to diverse styles of music, adapted thematically to the client needs or event. We are also in charge of installing screens, video projectors and transparency slides if required, creating visual effects.

    • Sound equipment : Sound for conferences, Microphones, Amplification, wireless monitors, audiovisual mixing, recording and vocalization.

    • Videos Projection : Coordination, Production, design and recording. Projector Rental, Video Wall.

    • Illumination : Exterior, interior, underwater and decorative lighting and Architecture lighting.

    • Structures : Truss, Motors, Towers, Stages, platforms, catwalks, stands, folding chairs and tables, decorative carpentry.

    • Multimedia Video : • Live Broadcasting and Internet Broadcasting • Multimedia Presentation • Video Production

    • INFLATABLE MOVIE SCREENS : Easy to manage inflatable products, quick to assemble and easy to transport. Use: Film projections for advertising, product presentations, openings, sporting events, children’s festivals and parties, Town Hall and business events and much more. Also is possible to use this product as an advertising Billboard. The inflatable product comes packaged in a bag with a motor for constant air supply. This product inflates using a regular connection and electrical current. Inflatable screens for exterior and interior use manufactured in any measurement. Measurements: 6x3 m, 7x4 m, 12x4 m, 14x6 m, Also More…

    • Audio-visual equipment for rent and sale, inflatable cinema sreens and much more.

    • Simultaneous Translation, Audioguide and more.

    • Interactive voting, Interactive floors and tables.

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