• Web development

    This activity concerns the creation of specific websites for companies. The web creation also includes the creation and implementation of the webpage on Facebook, and can come with a package of other services including the activities below.

    • Web site design :Web site design and development of visually attractive, bright web pages, with ease of use and intuitive navigation: Corporate promotions, personal web sites, e-commerce, virtual communities and web portals.

    • Design and update of banner ads, pop-ups, and other advertising formats used on the internet.

    • Registration of national and international domain names.

    • Meta tag insertions, key words, web site optimization, cross browser checking, download analysis.

    • Management of search engine positions (to improve the ranking of a Web site in the main browsers and directories, administration of key words) and promotional campaigns.

    • Internet search engine registration (manual registration in the principal search engines and directories. Key word administration).

    • Corporate Image Design and re-design, the most concrete and visual expression of the identity of a company.

    • Web site translation into different languages.

    • Monthly services and unique website actualisation.

    • Design of company stationery: company folders, letter-headed paper, catalogues, business cards and envelopes.

    • Brochure design: flyers and leaflets.

    • Printed or on-line catalogue design of Interactive catalogues.

    We can create webs, portal sites and start ups in different languages: html, css, flash, java, php, drupal, html5, Oracle, dinamic and static webs, including data bases management and ecommerce technology.

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